Why a passion for lighthouses?

I fell in love with the history and the fact that in earlier days; mariners used lighthouses to navigate along the coast to find safe passage into harbour. A second reason is: they are often located in beautiful and sometimes mystic places.
Lighthouses are just special to me, a place where I can be at ease.

Unfortunately modernization has meant that lighthouses are becoming redundant just as the Keepers who once manned them. So annually more and more lighthouses are added to the list of those to be discontinued.
Which of course is a pity!

My passion for lighthouses started with the lighthouse in Nieuwpoort in Belgium (this is my favourite place on the coast).
What followed was collecting everything that has something to do with lighthouses.
The next step was going on a lighthouse hunting trip to make pictures of the lighthouses.
Our first trip started in France. At the end of those different trips I decided to make a website about all the lighthouses I have seen.

This is the result!
I hope U will enjoy this website as much as I did when visiting those lights.

Any suggestions and/or remarks are always welcome!
An anecdote or comment is always welcome in my guestbook.

Thank you for your visit and enjoy.

A special thank you to:

Mister Hill Peter, who helped me with the English version.
Mister Vancoellié Michel, who helped me with the French version.