Leughenaer Lighthouse
Nord-Pas-de-Calais (France)

The lighthouse is be build around 1548, first light in 1763 and token out service in 1825.

51° 2'24.62"N


Dunkerque Lighthouse
Nord-Pas-de-Calais (France)

The lighthouse is also called the lighthouse of Risban. (Not to be confused with Fort Risaban; Calais). They started building the lighthouse in 1841 and it has been in use since 1843. During the Second World War over 85% of the city of Dunkirk was destroyed, however, the lighthouse was not damaged.

The lighthouse was automated in 1985. You can visit the lighthouse but you need to contact Dunkirk Port Museum.

51° 2'55.98"N


Saint-Pol Lighthouse
Nord-Pas-de-Calais (France)

The lighthouse is located at the end of the west pier of the port of Dunkirk. Build between 1937 and 1938. Lit in 1939. It is be restored in 1954.

51° 3'37.96"N


Gravelines Lighthouse
Nord-Pas-de-Calais (France)

Also called "Feu de fort Philippe", the lighthouse is built in 1843. The lighthouse keepers lived at the foot of the lighthouse. Prior to 1932 the lighthouse was completely white, after the restoration in 1932 they painted it white and black. The light was discontinued.

In the long winter nights 2 keepers stood a watch each and in the summer only one.

51° 0'13.71"N

2° 6'32.69"O