Tréport Lighthouse
Haute-Normandie (France)

It is a cylindrical Tower, painted in white and green. It is located at the end of the West Pier of the city of le Tréport. It marks the entrance to the port.

50° 3'52.91"N


Ailly Lighthouse
Haute-Normandie (France)

The First lighthouse was built in 1773. It wasn’t necessary to build a high tower as it stands high on the cliffs overlooking the sea. In 1939 the light was turned off. The lantern was dismantled and put away. In 1950 they began building a new lighthouse and it has been in use since 1953.



Saint-Valéry-en-Caux Lighthouse
Haute-Normandie (France)

The Lighthouse is a white tower with a green tip situated on the West Pier. It was built in 1872 and amended in 1914.



Fécamp Lighthouse
Haute-Normandie (France)

It is located at the end of the North Pier, known as “Pointe Fagnet”, at the entrance of the port of Fécamp.



Antifer Lighthouse
Haute-Normandie (France)

It is located on Cap Antifer near Fécamp, Seine-Maritime, in the community of la Poterie-Cap-d’Antifer.


0° 9'55.31"O

la Hève Lighthouse
Haute-Normandie (France)

"Heve" comes from the Scandinavian word "Hew" (which means hitting) so this refers to the waves smashing into the high cliffs.

In 1764-1765 during a hard winter they lost 40 seamen so they decided to build 3 lighthouses: Ailly, Barfleur and Heve. To distinguish one from the others, Heve had two towers built 100m from each other. In those days they had not worked out the mechanics needed to alternate the light to give it the now familiar flash. In 1892 one of these towers was closed because of the progress in navigation. In 1944 this lighthouse was destroyed and in 1947 the current lighthouse was built. They even built a lift in it.


0° 4'9.40"O